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Sunday, November 19, 2006


Some changes to the Common Lisp Document Repository.

Based on the constructive feedback we have got on the CDR process so far, we have made some changes to CDR as follows.

First, due to the fact that the CDR process has been described as CDR 0 which has already been finalized, strictly speaking we aren't allowed to make changes to CDR anymore. We have solved this by resubmitting the CDR process itself. You can find the new version at CDR 4 together with the changes compared to CDR 0 (which are also described below).

Since we expect more suggestions for improvement in the near future, we use an exceptionally long initial period for CDR 4 until November 1, 2007. This allows us to make changes as we go along. At the same time, the CDR process in use will already be CDR 4. This means that the CDR process for submitted CDRs until then will be somewhat unstable, but we think that this gives us the advantage of being able to experiment a little such that the final result will hopefully be a better tested process.

Consider this equivalent to the bootstrapping of a metacircular software architecture, or to the development of any new piece of software for that matter, where you have to test and change things as you go as well. ;)

Here are the actual changes to CDR:

We hope that these changes address the suggestions we have got so far.

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